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Celebrating Public Broadcasting in Wisconsin

Thank You Wisconsin for 100 Years!

Wisconsin has an amazing story to share when it comes to leadership and innovation in public broadcasting, but WPR and WPT know that what we do today to serve the state – and how we plan to serve the state in the future – is what matters most.

As our we begin our second century of service, we want to thank you for making our 2017 Centennial Celebrations – and the past 100 years – possible! The people of Wisconsin are the thread that runs through everything we do. Your hopes and needs are what binds our past, present and future together. You have always been, and will always be, the reason for our work.

No matter what the future brings, we will be here for you. Please share your story with us, enjoy photos and audio from our centennial events and take a moment to explore the remarkable history we’ve made together in our interactive timeline – you can even find out what happened in 1917.  Thank you Wisconsin for your support!

Featured Stories

Share Your Story

Throughout 2017, we asked listeners to share their connection with WPR and WPT. When did you first start listening or watching? Is there a certain historical moment that you experienced while listening to WPR or watching WPT? Did you listen to School of the Air? Did you grow up watching PBS? Did you once work for the station? How does WPR or WPT make a difference in your life?

We still want to hear from you!

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