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In February, WPR’s To the Best of Our Knowledge and the Center for Humans and Nature joined forces to explore the science of love at a special live, sold out event at the Majestic Theater in Madison. Host Anne Strainchamps, Executive Producer Steve Paulson and special guests took on the topic with conversation, comedy and live music.

Guests included: Biologist Carin Bondar, storyteller Dasha Kelly Hamilton, psychologist Lisa Diamond, comedian Esteban Touma, evolutionary biologists Jeff Schloss and David Sloan Wilson, and musician Luke Bassuener (a.k.a. Asumaya).

Thanks to our friends at Wisconsin Public Television, portions of this show are available to watch online at You can also listen to and download this show – and all our shows – there.

This event was supported by the Center for Humans and Nature.

The Center for Humans and Nature is an independent, nonprofit organization that explores and promotes human responsibilities to the whole community of life. Based in Chicago, the Center brings together some of the brightest minds from a diversity of disciplines to connect people with ideas and to think creatively about how we can make better decisions—in relationship with nature and each other.

This “Love + Evolution” live event was rooted in the Center’s “Being Human” questions series, which explores the relationship between morality and the human mind, culture, and evolution.

The event and series were made possible through the support of the John Templeton Foundation.

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