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Jack from Beaver Dam

Jack From Beaver Dam

Growing up in Kewaskum in the 50s, classical music was constant in our home. My siblings and I marched to Souza banging pots with wooden spoons and, with our mother’s description, imagined the mule train drudging up the Bright Angel Trail. Connected to our home was the family business, an old fashioned service meat market (Stellpflug’s Finer Meats, since 1876). In the market was an old Zenith box radio consistently tuned to WPR. The market is long gone, but the presence of WPR continues to be a constant in my life.

Congrats, WPR! May you continue to be a part of our lives and of the lives of our grandchildren and beyond.


Image: Stellpflug’s store. 1948. Courtesy of the story’s author.

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