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A Listener from Madison

A Listener From Madison

If WHA Radio was started in 1917, it was 10 years before I was born in Dubuque, Iowa. By 1941 I had a radio in my bedroom and often listened to WHA–AM.

I recall hearing about the first atom bomb test in a football field in Chicago. After marrying and having a family, I often listened to lectures from WHA. I enjoyed feeling educated although I only had two years of college as a day student at Clarke College in Dubuque. In 1967-68 my family moved to Madison, WI. That year, my youngest child, in kindergarten at Spring Harbor School, was in a WPT exhibit of activities in our grade school. I enrolled in a course in Contemporary Literature with Cerena Pondrom, enjoyed it immensely, and got a good grade.

WHA and WPT have been very important in my lifetime.


Image Credit: “Orchid Interview.” UW-Madison Archives Images.

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